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I believe... we've crossed paths for a reason, either you're a Blessin' of Life or a Lesson of Life!

Distance between two Hearts is not an obstical at all - rather a great reminder of just how strong True Love can be...

If I had a flower for every time I thought about you... I could walk thru my garden forever.
- Alfred Tennyson -

Long, sustained Friendships often realize the rich Gift that Friendship truly offers.

If a special occasion in a Friendship evokes eternity in the Soul... then the Friendship itself remains in imagination for endless time.
- Thomas Moore -

A hug is worth a thousand words, but a Good Friend is worth so much more.

Through miles may lie between us we're never far apart, for Friendship doesn't count the miles... it measures by the Heart.

We nurture Friendship thru simple heartfelt expressions and conversations...
- Thomas Moore -

Our Family Rules

Graciousness of Soul... is believing in a closeness that is experienced only at a deep level.
- Thomas Moore -

The only way Love can last a Lifetime, is if it's Unconditional...

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